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8 Foods that will Boost your Testosterone

8 Foods proven to boost Testosterone naturally By JS Farah | Pharmacist Facebook Twitter Pinterest There are eight foods that will increase the level of your testosterone. Testosterone is incredibly…

8 Foods proven to boost Testosterone naturally

By JS Farah | Pharmacist

There are eight foods that will increase the level of your testosterone.

Testosterone is incredibly important for both men and women, as we get older the level of testosterone declines, and that’s why it’s really important to keep the levels as high and as long as possible.

Testosterone level is important for bone health, reproductive and general health.

We’re going to focus on two major ingredients, when it comes to keeping our testosterone levels up, one is Vitamin D and the other is Zinc. Research has shown that these two ingredients are key players in the synthesis of testosterone.

Let’s get deeper into this topic with food items which we should eat to maintain/improve the level of testosterone.


The first food is the Tuna fish.

Tuna is unbelievably rich in the vitamin D, whether it’s tinned or fresh tuna both have equal value.

One single serving of tuna per day can meet your entire vitamin D needs or that day.


The second and most essential type of food is milk, but milk that is fortified with vitamins.

You can actually get various brands of fortified milk these days.

You just need to go to your supermarket and have a look; it will be written on the label which vitamins are fortified in that milk pack.

You must go for the milk which is fortified with the vitamin D because that will boost your level of vitamins D and the vitamin D will help to boost your level of testosterone.


The third type of food are eggs, and specifically yolks.

Egg yolks have a bad reputation for having high cholesterol in them, and its true that they do contain this.

So if you have high cholesterol than you should speak to your health consultant first.

But as far as vitamins are concerned, egg yolks are tremendously rich in vitamin D and you only need one egg yolk per day to meet your daily vitamin D needs.


The fourth type of food is breakfast cereals especially the Fortified breakfast cereals.

They are are worth having in your kitchen.

You can get a lot of brands which are fortified with vitamins like vitamin E vitamin B and possibly even zinc so this is where you need to do your research and read the label of cereals to find out which is a better choice to buy. Go for ones that are kind of fortified with the vitamin D and zinc.


The next food is Oyster. I know what you will be thinking that these are horrible but trust me oyster are full of zinc and as I said above zinc plays a massive role in the production of testosterone so next time you go to the fishmonger or the fish market, don’t just walk past the oyster stand, give them a second look and while you are in the fish market have a look at the crab and shellfish section they are tremendously rich in zinc as well. In fact, a study has shown that only three ounces of Alaskan king crab has 43 percent of your daily needs of zinc which is a HUGE count.


The second last food is beef specifically beef liver is hugely rich in vitamin D and ground beef is rich in zinc so you can actually have vitamin D and zinc both from beef alone. Obviously this is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans, but don’t worry at all; we have something for you guys as well.


Finally beans whether it’s white beans, red beans, black kidney beans, these all are full of the vitamin D and zinc so for vegetarians or vegans this is an excellent opportunity to really load up with the vitamin D and zinc in your diet.

So there you go eight foods that will keep the level of your testosterone optimal and of course if you lead a very busy life and you don’t have the time to kind of shop around for these kinds of foods, there are supplements you can take to fulfill your daily vitamin D and Zinc needs.

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