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Acne – some truths.Part 1

Acne tips I decided to write some acne tips for you guys & girls because i know it's a struggle for a lot of people. I had it in a…

Acne tips

I decided to write some acne tips for you guys & girls because i know it’s a struggle for a lot of people.

I had it in a mild form myself, but my sister had a severe form.

Off course, this is particularly stressful for young ladies as it can play havoc with their beauty regime. But it is psychologically debilitating for both young men and young women.

Acne tips – some myths

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acne tips for women. Acne can be a psychologically devastating condition.

Acne is caused by diet

No. Acne is caused by a combination of hormones, excess oil production in skin, bacteria and genetics.

The excess oil and debris clog up skin pores. Bacteria join the party which triggers inflammation in the form of spots/blackheads. The implication by some people is if you eat greasy food you will automatically develop greasy skin; there is no evidence for this as far as i read. So one of my acne tips is, to eat healthy and enjoy your food.

2.In acne, “Popping” spots helps.

No way! if anything, you increase the risk of causing permanent scaring. The best thing to do is to leave the spot and it will burst and scab on its own. Digging into it and peeling it off is an absolute no no. So the second acne tip is do NOT pop your spots.

3. You only get acne in specific parts of the body.

This is true. Acne is usually in the “T zone” of forehead, cheeks and upper back.

So why don’t you get acne breakouts elsewhere? Simply the skin in those special areas is programmed to respond differently to hormonal changes. So my third acne tip is to pay special attention to these areas when your applying your regular anti-acne gel.

4. People usually grow out of acne.

This is true. Adolescent years are usually the peak years.

5. Putting oily make-up/cream on the face can make acne worse

Unfortunately this is true for most people. You’re just putting on more things which can clog up, an already clogged up skin. So non-greasy formulations are recommended. I also find carrying a wet wipe and frequently wiping away excess oil keeps flare ups to a minimum.

If you want to read about my best treatments for acne, here is the post

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Till then

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