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acne treatment – part 2 of the acne series.

Acne treatments   Good morning ladies and gents, well it's morning here in the UK! I don't know what it is where you are.   Here are what i have…

Acne treatments


Good morning ladies and gents, well it’s morning here in the UK!

I don’t know what it is where you are.


Here are what i have come across to be the best acne treatment options for acne.

I am focusing on clinically proven acne treatments. Not quack doctor medicine sold in back alleys.

As always, it depends on your individual case what is best for you; and you should always consult your physician.

Acne treatment- what are the options


You must be thinking “what the hell is that?!”.

It’s a posh name for things like Benzoyl peroxide. They peel the skin removing excess debris and dead skin,

making it less likely you will get those nasty spots. Most of these are available to buy over the counter.


Often, in moderate or severe acne, antibiotics are an option. Either rubbed on or taken by mouth. If you read yesterday’s post you will know bacteria on the skin plays a role in acne breakouts. So it is easy to see how antibiotics can help. Thy are a great acne treatment option.

Hormone therapy

This can be a great help for some females especially. Hormones play a crucial role in acne so by controlling them you can control the acne. Luckily for some women who are on a contraceptive pill; this doubles up as a contraceptive and acne control pill at the same time.

The vast majority of people will be controlled by the above.

However a few may need the intervention of a dermatologist to trial more powerful medication.


These include very powerful drugs which are only ever issued by consultants. One such is Roaccutane. This is a very toxic drug and is often a last resort in very resistant cases. The vast majority of patients will not be escalated to this drug, but some will inevitably need it.

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