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Does argan oil regrow hair? pharmacist answers

Has Argan oil been shown to re-grow hair? Argan oil has many benefits,  but so far there has not been any evidence that it helps with hair loss.   and when…

Has Argan oil been shown to re-grow hair?

Argan oil has many benefits,  but so far there has not been any evidence that it helps with hair loss.   and when we say hair loss in this case, we are referring to genetic hair loss,  or androgenic alopecia in both men and women.  In men we know this as male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness in women.

Genetic hair loss is caused when a Potent hormone called DHT  slowly kills off hair follicles, and many of the successful hair loss treatments focus on stopping this  hormone.  No one knows for sure how the hair loss is triggered, but it is thought genetics play the strongest role.

Although argan oil is full of incredibly useful chemicals and nutrients, none of them inhibit this key hormone.   and none of them have been shown to regrow hair.

However argan oil has some incredible benefits for skin and hair which I want to explore with you now.

Benefits of argan oil – Some fun history

In this post i will discuss one of the most amazing natural cosmetic oils we have today.

Argan oil.

I will tell you exactly how to spot and buy the best brands of this expensive but wonderful oil.

Argan oil is a strange oil somewhat, because it comes from one specific part of the world.   The “Argan Forrest” in south west Morocco, in west Africa.

it has centuries old history of traditional use by people from those parts, and off course Moroccan argan oil is the benchmark by which all argan oil is judged against.

It is unusual in another way that it can be both consumed as food and also used as a cosmetic oil.

benefits of argan oil
benefits of argan oil- showing Argan forrest in Morocco



There hasn’t actually been much research done on this oil, but we do know what’s in it so we can conclude what are it’s likely benefits.

FOUR amazing Benefits of argan oil


Firstly it is packed with fatty acid and chemicals “phenols”.  These are excellent for preventing inflammation and cancer as they mop up toxins produced by the body.


Argan oil has also been shown to help in regulating blood sugar helping to prevent diabetes.


Some research has also shown it can help reduce the risk of heart attacks by lowering the “bad” cholesterol and also help manage thyroid problems.


In terms of hair and skin, it is excellent for hydration and preventing premature ageing.

Which one should you buy?

Look for cold-pressed oil of Morrocan origin.

Avoid any which originate from elsewhere.

I would go for cold-pressed oil, which means the fruit of the argan tree has been squeezed mechanically.  Often the nut is roasted first to encourage the release of the oil before being pressed.

Some brands may claim the oil was extracted by “traditional” ways, usually meaning by pestle&mortar or grinding by village folk; i would also avoid those too.

Because this traditional methods of extraction sometimes produces unstable oil with microbes because they use non-sterile water in the extraction process.

In terms of expiry date, go for something with at least 3 months expiry date from opening.

The next best option after cold-pressed oil is oil extracted using a solvent.  Which is the most common one contained in cosmetic products.


I hope that was useful


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