Does coffee work for cellulite? pharmacist answers

Best cellulite treatment is an elusive quest indeed.  And coffee scrubs have gained much attention as cellulite treatment. In this article we will look at your options for the best…

Best cellulite treatment is an elusive quest indeed.  And coffee scrubs have gained much attention as cellulite treatment.

In this article we will look at your options for the best cellulite treatments.  And specifically at coffee scrubs.

We will also look at other options for treating cellulite.


When you mention the word “cellulite”, the word “treatment” isn’t too far behind.

It’s a problem that has troubled women mostly, throughout the ages.

But what is it?

It’s crucial you understand this before you even think about choosing the best cellulite treatment for you.

Cellulite is basically fat under the skin which changes the way the skin appears.

That’s it!

As the levels of fat build up under the skin, they push up against the skin surface making it appear dimpled.

So any treatment which claims to be the best cellulite treatment has to address this subcutaneous fat.

cellulite formation starts with excess fat under the skin

COFFEE for cellulite – Has it been proven to work?

In short, the answer is No.

Caffeine, which is the active chemical in coffee, belongs to a group of molecules known as xanthines.  This group also includes widely used therapeutic drugs theophyline and aminophyline.

We think these molecules can do something called liopolysis, which is to breakdown fat cells, which would be potentially very beneficial for cellulite.

However, the studies do not back up this hypothesis.

In one study, a group of participants used xanthine creams (including caffeine) for 12 months without any improvement in the appearance of their cellulite.  In Another group, only 10% improvement was noted over the same period.


To make the challenge even stiffer, Some of The fat cells under the skin in cellulite are particularly resistant to being burnt off.

They have a receptor on their surface called the alpha receptor and research has shown if you can block this receptor you have a better chance of burning them off.


Best cellulite treatment options include coffee scrub which have been shown to block alpha receptors of fat cells

Although some creams have been shown to work well for cellulite, as with any product, you have to choose your brand carefully.

If the product is badly manufactured, none of the active ingredient will reach the deeper cellulite layers; even if the active ingredient is the best thing since sliced bread.


VACUUM ROLLING & RADIO WAVES – A good option as cellulite treatment

This option is mostly brute force!

A roller is used to apply repeated pressure to cellulite areas.

The idea is to physically break down the stubborn subcutaneous fat with brute force.

As for the radio waves, they are used in conjunction with the vacuum rolling to melt the fat

Some think fat cells can be broken down at certain radio frequencies.

Although this technique can achieve temporary good results you have to go regularly for years to achieve significant results.

Recent studies have shown using massaging machines regularly can achieve good results, often in combination with other



This is not a treatment per say, but more of a masking trick

We are simply hiding the cellulite.

subcision surgery is one of the best cellulite treatment options

So what we do is surgically remove the dimples caused by cellulite to give the skin a more even look.

This is probably an option for people who have advanced cellulite which will be difficult if not impossible to remove by other means.


This when we inject fat into the cellulite problem area.

You must be thinking, hang on a minute, why are we injecting fat into cellulite when fat was the problem to begin with?

That is a fair question.

Again this is a masking trick, because we are hoping the injected fat will create an even appearance to the skin rather than the horrible dimpled appearance cellulite creates.

But I would strongly advice against this approach.

Because once you inject the fat, what will you do if it moves?

We are assuming the fat will stay where we injected it into!

This is silly because things move in the human body.


Just no!

Liposuction attempts to literary get under the cellulite problem area and suck the fat out of it.

liposuction is one of the best cellulite treatments. This is when the fat is sucked out from under the skin

But having trawled through the online feedback for this procedure, in many different places, the overwhelming impression I get is that this makes the cellulite worse!

So I would say if someone offers you liposuction turn around and do a Usain bolt impression!


In my opinion this is the best cellulite treatment option in my opinion, which everyone should try first.

High intensity training is proven to burn fat, including the stubborn fat which causes cellulite.

Generally people who maintain a healthy weight tend to have less issues with cellulite.

I mean who has ever seen a female bodybuilder or fitness model with cellulite?

But the exercise has to be high intensity interval, meaning you work very hard for a short period and do that repeatedly, Rather than slow prolonged exercise.

So in summary, I would strongly advice you use a combination of techniques to tackle cellulite.

But HIIT must be one of them no matter what stage of cellulite you have.


Here is a video review i did on the subject



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