Is Forskolin proven for weight loss?

Does Forskolin work? Pharmacist Review Forskolin is a weight-loss supplement that promises to burn fat, boost your metabolism and give you the washboard abs you've always wanted. After two weeks of…

Does Forskolin work? Pharmacist Review

Forskolin is a weight-loss supplement that promises to burn fat, boost your metabolism and give you the washboard abs you’ve always wanted.

After two weeks of research and looking at every available scientific paper on Forskolin, I have discovered that it’s much more than a weight loss supplement. It does some very strange things to the human body.

Forskolin is extracted from a plant of the mint family that is native to India, Nepal and Thailand. Its popularity as a weight-loss supplement has skyrocket, ever since it was featured in Dr. Oz’s show.

But the question is;

Does it really work?

And is it worth the money?

What the research on Forskolin says

Losing fat but not weight

In my research, I have discovered FOUR facts, four strange facts about forskolin, that I would like to share with you before you think of buying or using it.

The first thing I discovered in my research is that people lost fat on forskolin but their weight remained unchanged.

How strange, right?! But don’t worry, all shall be be explained.

Fact number two, is that lean body mass increased which means; they added more muscle.

So things are starting to make more more sense now.

People lost fat but they put on extra lean mass or extra muscle, and this is the most likely reason that user’s weight did not change.

It is because they simply swapped the fat for muscle, therefore even though their fat percentage dropped, their overall body weight remained the same.


Who doesn’t want more muscle and less fat?!!

Changes in Testesterone and how women respond.

Let’s move on to fact number three.

Many who used forskolin noticed an increase in the level of testosterone, which is kind of expected, due to the increase in lean body mass.

Testosterone is an anabolic steroid, it builds lean body mass, and it builds muscle, so most likely, it is the reason of increase in lean body mass.

And don’t worry ladies, you need testesterone just like men do. It plays a crucial role in female reproductive health.

Let’s talk about fact number four, and it concerns how women responded to forskolin.

Women did not really lose as much weight as men with Forskolin, but forskolin prevented weight gain in women.

It seems that in women, forskolin acts as weight gain prevention, rather than actively helping them to lose weight.

Conclusions from the research

So what conclusions can we draw from these studies?

I think an obvious conclusion is that Forskolin is a lot more than just a weight-loss supplement. It does seem to have some sort of an effect on the hormone balance in the body.

It seems to have an effect in terms of changing the body’s composition, especially the muscle : fat ratio.

Forskolin would have huge appeal to people who are into fitness in terms of bodybuilding, and especially those who want to lose weight while gaining muscle mass.

Are there hundreds of studies on Forskolin that prove it beyond doubt?

Off course not!

But which other supplement has hundreds of studies backing it?

Not many.

This is a supplement; it’s not a medicinal product.

But is it worth a punt? To see if it works for you.

Absolutely yes!

Watch My Forskolin Review Video!



Forskolin review

Brief facts:

High concentration of Forskolin (95% extract)

Patented formulation which promises to augment the Forskolin with Hemerocallis fulva.

Competitive pricing

Search box on homepage is so useful.  You just type the product you want and VIOLA!


A1 supplements are based in Tenessee and have offices in Europe.  

Their website and product range is heavily geared towards fitness enthusiasts.  Their product pages are nicely laid out, but are slightly “science-heavy” for the average user i think.


forskolin Hcg

Brief Facts:

250mg Forskolin per capsule

Forskolin from Root of the plant

Forskolin concentration of 20%

Made in certified US facility (claimed)

Free shipping offer

A toll-free number that you can call listed on website


Hcg have a huge range of health supplements and have been around for years.

They are a classic small supplements wholesaler – they just sell something they love.

They’re not so hot on style, hence why their website looks like a throwback to 1995!

Full Spectrum Forskohlii By Vitasprings

Brief Facts:

Full spectrum containing additional beneficial compounds.

Forskolin concentration of 20% (Root extract)

Made in certified US facility (claimed)

Free shipping offer for same day orders

A toll-free number that you can call listed on website


This full spectrum Forskolin is by San Diego-based company, Vita Springs, which has been around since 2001. Their passion is clearly geared towards customer service and quality of product.

They have a huge amount of scientific information on each product which is reassuring. But it may be an over-kill for most people. Nevertheless, their enthusiasm for their products comes through.

They have a physical office and store that you can visit.

Again, not the best website i’ve ever seen. Another throwback to the days of dial up internet!

But it loads quickly and is secure; so who cares?!! right?

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