HGH-The new miracle anti-ageing supplement

HGH RELEASE - IS IT THE NEW MIRACLE ANTI-AGEING TREATMENT? JS Farah mpharm, Pharmacist & Blogger3rd Feb 2019 Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter…


JS Farah mpharm, Pharmacist & Blogger

3rd Feb 2019

sly stallone HGH use
jennifer anniston hgh use

Sylvester stallone is a self-confessed HGH user. While Jennifer Anniston and Demi Moor are rumoured to be users.

HGH, or human growth hormone, is becoming extremely fashionable among the health-conscious crowds. Celebrities like sylvester stallone have been raving about its benefits.

In this article we review a popular HGH-releasing formula, GenF 20 plus, which promises to slowly and naturally improve the release of HGH.

Oh, we like the sound of that!!

What is HGH and what does it do?

HGH is a key hormone in our body responsible for building and repairing tissues.

It also helps to boost metabolism, burn fat and even improve libido!

Unfortunately, like with most things in life, it goes down sharply as we age.

What will i notice if i can increase my HGH levels?

Unfortunately some people, either due to age or health conditions, can develop low levels of HGH.

If they manage to boost their HGH levels, they can reasonably expect to:

  • improve exercise capacity
  • increase bone density
  • Develop muscle mass
  • Lower body fat
  • Increase Libido

What forms does HGH come in?

The main way to receive HGH is by injection; usually after a trip to your physician.

But there are problems with this. Firstly, your physician may not be happy to provide this for you.

Secondly, You may need a battery of tests to check if you are suitable for high dose injections of HGH.

Thirdly, some people just hate injections!

A popular way for beginners to HGH to boost their levels naturally and gradually is to try HGH-releasing formulas

What is in GenF20 Plus?

It is a precise combination of amino acids, minerals and vitamins; which have been shown to naturally aid the release of HGH.

Clinical trials have shown this formulation naturally increased the level of HGH. Although this is a much slower rate of release than, for example, injecting the HGH.

Dr Steven Lamm MD, author of the famous “Hardness Factor” book, has done a brief but excellent summary on GenF20.

You can find the link at the bottom of this page. It is well worth the watch.

Any recommendations before starting GenF20?

Read the package carefully, alongside the accompanying literature.

If you are aiming for measurable improvements like weight loss and improved muscle mass, then take your measurements before starting GenF20. It will help you track your progress.

Give it time! A 3 month trial is absolute minimum

Be consistent. Skipping days and taking it at different times may hurt your results.

What does the research say on Gen F 20

The research is extremely promising on GenF20. There aren’t that many papers to be honest, but what there show GenF20 has genuine potential to increase HGH levels.

In summary, the main study showed that the group who took GenF20 did significantly increase their HGH compared to the group who didn’t.

I will leave a link to the whole study below.

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