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Miracle of Neocutis bio cream -Pharmacist review 2019

{Summary}In this review we will look at neocutis bio cream for skin aging, and I will tell you if it's worth trying or not. neocutis bio cream contains processed skin…

Neocutis bio cream


In this review we will look at neocutis bio cream for skin aging, and I will tell you if it’s worth trying or not.

neocutis bio cream contains processed skin proteins which is a revolutionary technology that rejuvenate the skin and improves it’s appearance.

Although the scientific data on processed skin proteins is limited, the science that is available shows that Neocutis cream does work in rejuvenating skin and treating the effects of skin ageing.

neocutis processed skin proteins

Who are Neocutis?

Neocutis is a manufacturer of Beauty and skincare products based in Switzerland. according to their website, they are a “physician-dispensed” skincare range with exclusive patented formulations.

in simple terms this means that you can usually only get the range from health clinics. Neocutis make their own exclusive Technologies to treat various skin complaints. complaints such as skin aging,, skin discoloration, oxidation stress and skin dryness.

They claim their products are for all skin types and no prescription is required to purchase their products. They also claim no animal testing is involved in the development of any of their products, which is excellent news.

it is interesting to note that on their website, they specifically mention none of their products are for treating wounds.

Generally you cannot get neocutis products easily in shops because they have limited availability. but it is available on Amazon which I suspect is where most people will go to buy it.


Processed skin proteins – the main active ingredient in Neocutis

Bio cream

This is one of the technologies that neocutis use in their products, especially in their Neocutis Bio cream. and this certainly has been controversial right from the moment the technology was discovered.

The idea is that you make a mixture of cell proteins which are still raw and not fully developed.

You then introduced them to the skin of the user in the hope that this will Trigger the body to start repairing the skin. These types of of cells are called “stem cells” and are widely used to trigger healing in various parts of the body.

The controversy with processed skin proteins started with stories that the original sample was started with stem cells from a a deceased fetus. The story goes that there where a couple in Switzerland who discovered the unborn baby had a debilitating and incurable brain condition; and so they decided to terminate the pregnancy.

it is alleged that the fetus provided the start of the stem line for the processed skin protein technology.

Nothing i have seen so far confirms this story; but it is out there.

Neocutis say that wrinkles, sunburn and skin ageing; are all basically like skin wounds, and they should be treated as such. Processed skin proteins contain special proteins called cytokines, which are signalling proteins. they also contain other proteins called interleukins.

These proteins trigger the body to repair damaged skin just like it would repair a wound. For example by laying down more collagen, which is the tough tissue that makes the main building block of the skin.

The scientific studies – Do they support Neocutis Bio cream’s claims?

So now let’s look at some of the studies performed on Neocutis Bio cream and processed skin proteins.


The first study I will look at is a very promising study. They tested neocutis Bio cream for two months. Participants were told to use the product twice a day and then they were then assessed using advanced photo imaging techniques.

what I really like about this study is this use of photo imaging analysis. photo imaging uses special scanners to look deep into the skin and assess the depth,roughness and character of wrinkles. By using this technique we get a much better idea about the improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, than if we simply looked at the wrinkles with the naked eye.

In this study the scientists found there was a significant improvement in the wrinkles and fine lines after using the Bio cream containing processed skin proteins.

To be specific they found a 17% improvement in wrinkles after 60 days. This may not seem a lot, but bear in mind that most people will use this product for many months or possibly years so you can imagine the additional improvements after prolonged usage.

However, it is interesting to note that the scientist did not find any visual differences in the wrinkles when they assess them with their eyes . The participants themselves felt that the wrinkles have improved.


The second study was a study that involved 12 women using processed skin protein cream, such as Neocutis Bio cream, for 6 months,

Exposed Skincare
so it was a much longer study than the previous one. And the result was a 55% improvement in wrinkles according to the participants.

Note that no imaging was done to assess the wrinkles before and after liking the previous study. The assessment here was done by the women themselves rating the improvement of their wrinkles before and after starting the treatment. Naturally this is not as robust as using imaging so I would say this study is a generally less thorough than the first study in terms of its methodology.

But crucially this study found there was a 64% increase in fibrocytes and fibroblasts.

These are cells that are crucial to the regeneration of skin tissue, so their increased presence shows there is a repair work being done which is an extremely good sign as far as skin aging is concerned.

Neocutis bio cream result analysis

An example of skin imaging techniques to assess results from using Neocutis Bio creams, or those containing processed skin proteins. The darker areas indicate where there is skin damage, for example, due to sun damage.

Study 3

The final study was a Placebo controlled study. This means that the scientists compared how people responded to neocutis bio cream to how they responded to a cream that contained nothing, i.e. a cream that had no active ingredients.

And the really good thing about this study was that they used 3D Imaging and surface topography to analyse the results. surface topography give you an idea about the roughness of the skin. so a really rough skin would appear as very bumpy on imaging.

The participants used neocutis bio cream for 2 months, and they applied it twice a day.

The result was that the skin roughness reduced by 10 to 18%. This is an amazing result considering the experiment was only two months long. you can imagine the improvements when people use it for six months or a year or two years.


From the scientific evidence, it appears that Neocutis bio cream has the potential to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the effects of ageing.

The studies that i have come across consistently showed that people improved their skin by using creams that contain processed skin proteins, which is the main active ingredient in Neocutis bio cream.

it appears that the best way to use Neocutis bio cream is by applying it twice a day, for a few months at least. Although even using it for 2 months showed good improvements in skin health, I would recommend people try it for at least 6 months for maximum benefit.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and found it useful.

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