Does Nugenix Really Boost Testosterone? [Pharmacist Analysis]

Testosterone boosting supplements Nugenix is one of the major Testosterone boosting supplements. In this article i will review it and teach you how to research ANY progesterone boosting supplement in…

Nugenix review

Testosterone boosting supplements

Nugenix is one of the major Testosterone boosting supplements. In this article i will review it and teach you how to research ANY progesterone boosting supplement in less than 15 mins

My 7 point checklist in researching Nugenix

History - bad companies don't last

Look up how long the brand has been on sale.

For example Amazon always tells you how long the product has been on sale on their platform. In the case of Nugenix, it is since 2012.

Bad companies don’t usually last long. So since Nugenix has been around for 7 years we can be confident they’re doing something right.

The Science - the hard facts

Ideally you want a product that is based on good science. The brand should reference the source of their science so people can look them up.

Nugenix claims their product is “clinically proven” but they do not provide links for those studies. This doesn’t mean their claims are invalid. But they should’ve provided the literature that backs up these claims.

In the line up of ingredients of Nugenix, Zinc has the most scientific evidence in terms of boosting testosterone levels. It has been shown to increase testesterone levels in athletes, and in one study it even increased sperm quality by 74%!

Nugenix review

The cost

I always advice to do cost as “cost per pill“. It takes you away from all the confusing promotional offers which make it almost impossible to work out the true cost of a product.

Cost per Pill = price of a bottle in cents/ number of pills in a bottle

For example the standard Nugenix bottle is $57 for 90 capsules giving a cost per capsule of 63 cents.

You also have to look at the dosages recommended. This will help you work out price per 30 day supply or 60 day supply..etc. But beware sometimes manufacturers recommend higher dosages to ensure the customer returns to buy more of the product quickly!

Offers -Hidden Coupons and discounts

A lot of brands have assistance programmes, particularly for military veterans and low income individuals. So it’s always worth checking their website for coupons before buying.

Nugenix have an excellent assistance programme for ex servicemen and ex servicewomen.

The Packaging

The packaging is the front of the product. Poor products usually also have poor packaging.

Some of the things you should watch out for include:

  1. Good spelling and grammar throughout
  2. Colours that compliment each other
  3. Easy to read
  4. Batch numbers/expiry dates/use before labels
  5. Storage information

All these give us confidence a professional company is behind the product. A company who actually spent money to hire designers and consultants to package their product properly.

Nugenix has excellent packaging. I love the black and white theme. It looks slick and professional.

Reviews - a deep analysis

Nugenix has a solid track record of positive reviews. It has 1100 reviews on Amazon, which is huge! Their average star rating is 3.5% which is solid.

But you need to dig deeper into the reviews to get the whole story.

Nugenix has a 37% 5 star rating, i.e. 37% of the people who reviewed it on Amazon gave it 5 stars which is absolutely terrific.

These people mention in their reviews that they had more stamina, more power during weigh training and improved libido.

But 30% gave it only one star. The number one reason people gave for this was lack of results.

So the reviews are very polarised. People either loved Nugenix or didn’t like it at all.

So don’t just look at the average star rating. Dig deeper.

Red Flags

It’s always useful to type the products name into Google and see what comes up.

Check for any horror stories, lawsuits, very bad reviews..etc. And bear in mind, rivals of the brand may deliberately post negative articles on them, so always have this at the back of your mind.

In the case of Nugenix, they were unfortunately (and successfully) sued in 2017 for “false advertising”. It appears they got a little bit enthusiastic with their marketing and some folk came after them.

This doesn’t mean their product is bad, but their marketing was certainly questionable.

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