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Keeping cosmetic creams fresh and free from microbes- PART 1 of the effective cosmetic use series

Hello all, It has been a hectic week at the day job, so haven't been able to update things. But not to worry, i have a couple of tasty posts…

Hello all,
It has been a hectic week at the day job, so haven't been able to update things.  But not to worry, i have a couple of tasty posts this weekend.
This first post is rather technical.  So everyone fire up those brain cells!
I am going to explain why cosmetic products spoil.  You can usually tell this because the color, texture and smell changes.
And by understanding this, you will be able to prevent it.  Keeping your purchases as fresh as possible all the way till expiry date.
Just to say you won't get this information on any product label.  Cosmetic companies put enough information on the label to satisfy the law and sell their product.  They couldn't care less about including information like this.
The first major NO NO is :
Do not introduce microbes into the product.
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Microbial contamination of creams and lotion cosmetics is a serious threat to health
Often people apply creams with dirty hands, which inevitably introduces germs into the container.  Especially when people pour out too much cream/lotion then decide to put the excess back into the bottle.  we have all done that, and it's a terrible habit.
What i personally do with any product is to first clean my hands then dry them.  Pour out a small quantity of the cream WITHOUT touching the nozzle/bottle opening.  Then apply.
It's also important that when you pour out you quickly close the container as soon as possible to prevent air getting in.  I will explain in another post why this is key.
Now some of you eagle-eyed readers may remember that i mentioned cosmetics contain preservatives to combat germs.  So why do you need to be so careful?
Simply, if the level of microbial contamination becomes beyond what the preservatives can cope with, then your product may become; well, contaminated.
So remember the routine:
Till next time

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