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collagen peptide benefits – The TRUTH!

Collagen peptides are one of the hottest trending health and beauty supplements.   Interest in them has been growing for phenomenally over the last few years, and celebrities have been flocking to it.    People like Jennifer Aniston and the Kardashians are avid fans.   But what are collagen peptides?   and do they really work? […]

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Anti-oxidant creams, hot or hype?

Antioxidant cream In my last post i described the benefit of antioxidants and what they do. Just scroll back/down to read that. Now this post is about getting these anti-oxidants in cosmetics for direct application to the skin. Offcourse, you should be taking antioxidants as part of your diet or supplements, but there is also […]

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Oxidative stress- the enemy for your skin

Actually it’s an enemy for your whole body. What on earth is oxidative stress? If you look at the word “Oxidative” carefully, the clue is there. The first part “Ox” points at Oxygen. Because Oxygen is the naughty boy causing all the trouble here. As well as being vital in keeping as alive; some Oxygen […]

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