Thayer’s Rose Witch Hazel Toner | Pharmacist Review

This is a comprehensive review of Thayer's Rose petal Witch Hazel toner, one of the best selling toners on the market at the moment.Let's start by giving you an overview…

This is a comprehensive review of Thayer’s Rose petal Witch Hazel toner, one of the best selling toners on the market at the moment.

Let’s start by giving you an overview of the different types of Toners in Thayer’s line up.

Thayer’s line up of Toners

I went on the Thayer’s website to see the variety of toners they had.

Here is the full line up of Thayer’s toners

  • Rose petal witch hazel toner
  • Coconut water toner
  • Cucumber facial toner
  • Original facial toner
  • Lavender facial toner
  • Unscented facial toner

The main difference between all these is the fragrance. The second difference is the alcohol content. The unscented Thayer’s facial toner is also alcohol-free.

By far the most popular version is the rose petal witch hazel toner; Followed by the unscented toner, in a distant second.

Thayer's witch hazel rose toner review

Ingredients of Thayer’s witch Hazel toner

Here is the full ingredient list of Thayer’s Witch Hazel rose petal toner:

  • Purified Water
  • Glycerin (provides moisture and lubrication)
  • Organic Witch Hazel extract
  • Aloe Barbadensis (another name for aloe vera)
  • Leaf Juice (juice of aloe vera)
  • Phenoxyethanol (preservative)
  • Rose Flower Water,
  • Fragrance ( Rose),
  • Citric Acid,
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract

Note that the witch hazel used in this product is a proprietary blend, which means that only Thayer’s have the right to it.

Thayer’s unscented alcohol-free toner vs the scented Thayer’s toner

The obvious difference is that the alcohol free version does not have any ethanol. but it also does not have any rosewater scent – only the aloe Vera scent.

There is also some grapefruit extract in the alcohol free version, so you may smell this, As you can see, it is not totally “unscented”. But perhaps without the rose water scent, it may not be as noticeable.

Price of Thayer’s Witch Hazel toner – US/UK

On you can pick up the most popular Thayer’s Rose Water witch Hazel toner, for around $8. It is not easily found on amazonUK, but UK customers can buy directly from the Thayer’s wesite for £9 – However, i have not checked shipping charges.

By the way, each bottle is 355ml in volume, which is around 12 fl Oz.

What are some of the potential benefits of Thayer’s witch hazel toner?

Well, the first obvious benefits is the astringent quality it provides. it helps tighten up the skin. The alcohol- containing version can also help remove impurities and dead skin. I suppose it would make a gentle but effective makeup remover too.

The company take this one step further, and claim that this astringent quality helps to lock the pores, and prevent release of oils.

Looking at the ingredients list, it is also likely Thayers witch hazel toner will help moisturise the skin – The glycerine is a well known moisturiser.

Thayer’s claim that their extraction and distillation methods of aloe vera, produces a highly moisturising blend; full of natural oils and sugars which can help lock the moisture in the skin. Off course this is a claim, which has not been verified scientifically, so I suppose you have to take their word for it for now.

Another bold claim of Thayer’s is that The rose water is so rich in vitamin C, it fights the buildup of free radicals. It is true that vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, which helps the body mop up toxins called free radicals. And theoretically this should slow down skin ageing.

However, I am not totally convinced by this particular claim, because you would need a huge amount of vitamin C to achieve this. in the experiments I have seen, people were taking over 1 gram of vitamin C orally to achieve noticeable changes to their skin. Or they were applying very concentrated vitamin C serum Solutions. so to say that a little bit of vitamin C in rose water will help with the skin ageing, is too ambitious in my opinion.

Thayer’s Rose petal witch hazel Amazon reviews analysis

Incredibly, this product has over 10000 reviews on Amazon.

That is astonishing!

in fact, I don’t think I have ever seen a product with a bigger volume of reviews.

And what is also amazing is that despite this huge number of reviews it still averages nearly 5 Stars in its rating. So people clearly love this product, and are buying it in their thousands.

Not surprisingly, this is a top seller on Amazon.

The breakdown of the star rating is also impressive. Thayer’s has a 78% 5-star rating, and only a 5% 1 star rating. so nearly 80% of the people who bought this particular product on Amazon, gave it 5 Stars – that’s truly impressive.

I noticed a couple of points people made frequently about this product in their Amazon reviews. Some people bought this product specifically to help them with their sensitive skin, and another large majority of people bought it to help them with oily skin.

So we can see that this product is popular with people with very specific skin types. And probably people who tried other toners unsuccessfully.

The few people who gave Thayer’s witch hazel toner a low rating, complained mostly that it made their skin break out in acne, or that they had a reaction to the product.

How to apply Sayers Rose witch hazel toner

This is quite simple.

You apply as often as needed, during the day or night, with a cotton bud.

A pro tip – I would apply it so that you have a tiny bit of residue on your skin; After few minutes this should absorb naturally. I’m not a fan of applying skincare products very thinly, unless medically advised to do this. I always like to leave slight excess on the skin to get some absorption going – particularly with natural and beneficial products.


Thayer’s witch hazel toner is hugely popular, and for a good reason.

They meet a demand in the market for natural and gentle skin toners, particularly for people with problem skin, such as those with sensitive or oily skin. It has a remarkable volume of positive reviews on amazon which should reassure new users.

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