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My top 3 affordable anti ageing creams-part 1

Anti ageing products- confusing for most people It is often difficult for people to tell which anti ageing products work and which don't.  It doesn't help that the cosmetic industry…

Anti ageing products- confusing for most people

It is often difficult for people to tell which anti ageing products work and which don’t.  It doesn’t help that the cosmetic industry use language which is vague and confusing in their labelling.

So over the next 3 posts i am going to give you 3 proven anti-ageing products which i think are worth buying.

I have chosen these because science has shown them to work, and provided you can find a good brand, they are likely to give you great results.  And also because they are affordable and based on natural ingredients.

So let’s crack on.



anti ageing serum
vitamin c serum as anti ageing

The anti ageing potential of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is not only a wonderful vitamin to take orally.  But it makes a fantastic anti- ageing serum.  You can get it at very reasonable prices as well.

Vit C is packed with antioxidants which are the body’s “spring cleaners”.  They mop up all sorts of nasty chemicals and toxins floating around the body.  And it provides exactly these same benefits to the skin.  These toxins, not only increase the risk of cancers and other diseases, but they also accelerate the ageing process.

Vitamin C also promotes the growth of something called collage, which is the tissue in the skin which provides firmness and plumpness.

Which Vit C serum formula to buy?

Unfortunately Vitamin C is a volatile thing, especially when it is made into a serum or solution.  It tends to break down and fall apart if it is not made with care.

I have seen feedback from customers online wondering why their serum has developed a strange texture and smell shortly after they opened the bottle.  This is a classic sign of product degradation.

vitamin c stability and oxidation
vitamin c is inherently unstable, so it must be formulated to perfection or it will fall apart during use.

So what can you do to avoid this?

Read reviews and only buy a product which has excellent reviews.  If you see people mentioning changes in texture and smell or appearance after they used the bottle; simply walk away.  This is my biggest tip when it comes to buying Vitamin C serum.

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