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Preservatives- a horror story?

What springs to mind when you hear the word “preservative”? Probably a scary sounding chemical with a long name. It just makes most people think: “eww, keep that nasty stuff away from me”. But at the end of this post, I will show you this is not entirely well founded. Firstly, why do we put […]

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Oxidative stress- the enemy for your skin

Actually it’s an enemy for your whole body. What on earth is oxidative stress? If you look at the word “Oxidative” carefully, the clue is there. The first part “Ox” points at Oxygen. Because Oxygen is the naughty boy causing all the trouble here. As well as being vital in keeping as alive; some Oxygen […]

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What’s a good cosmetic product? And what is a poor one ?

It’s fair to say this is very difficult for the average person. There are so many products out there with so many claims and glossy packaging. Even if you get on the Internet to do your own research, half the sites are full of second hand information which may or may not be reliable. The […]

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